Achieve fast
materials processing
with processing speeds 2-5 m2/min
representing a significant increase on
current laser techniques.
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Significantly reduce
processing costs.
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Develop a world-leading
Rapid Ultra-Short Pulse Laser
Surface Texturing technology
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What is Prometheus?

Aim & Objectives

The overall aim of PROMETHEUS is to develop high power ultra-short pulse lasers and the associated optics to enable the precise periodic texturing of surfaces to impart a range of surface functionalities at unprecedented processing speeds.

  • To manufacture textured functional surfaces utilising fewer raw materials, less energy and less waste.
  • To improve accuracy, power and control over existing technologies.
  • To increase achievable precision
  • To minimize heat impact on sensitive materials


Strengthening industrial manufacturing based on ultra-short pulse lasers and extending its field of applications by simultaneous improvement of precision and productivity; significant contribution to the digitization of European industry.

The PROMETHEUS case studies have been chosen to challenge the technology application into a range of price sensitive industrial sectors. PROMETHEUS focusses upon the industrial application of ultra-short pulse lasers for manufacturing. The project focusses on the development of high power ultra-short pulse laser technologies in the range of 10 ns – 700 ps and will be applicable to future high-power developments in shorted pulse systems.

Why Prometheus?

The PROMETHEUS project supports the European 2020 grand societal challenges. Creating a high potential high power ultra-short pulse laser processing technology with unprecedented processing speeds with in-line characterisation diffractographic / scatterometric inspection system and associated control systems will contribute specifically to at least two out of five of the grand challenges, namely;

  • Supporting employment
  • Increasing investment in innovation
  • increase EU industrial competitiveness and sustainability
  • promote EU 2020 targets of a smart, green and inclusive economy
  • support EU industrial policy targets
  • underpin EU trade and investment policy

Our Partners

Improve accuracy, power and control over existing technologies.