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April 2021 - News

IRIS Technology Group is developing an optical inspection technique for the PROMETHEUS system, which will be used to monitor the laser texturing process. ...

March 2021 - News

Scatterometry is an optical technique that is used to characterize a surface by measuring the quantity of light that is reflected by said surface at different wavelengths. ...

Febuary 2021 - News

Diffractive optical elements, or DOEs are used where high accuracy shaping of high power lasers is needed. ...

January 2021 - News

PROMETHEUS' system uses a millimeters-large laser beam in order to process the substrate faster...

December 2020 - Online

The PROMTHEUS Consortium gathered last, Tuesday 15th December to discuss the last developments and the future work for the next period.

September 2020 - Online

Last September 16th all partners from the PROMETHEUS consortium met (virtually) with the European Commission (EC) representatives, composed by the Project Officer and two external experts...

July 2020 - Online

Unfortunately not physically together, but fortunately safely joining it!
Our PROMETHEUS project is now half way towards completion and we have just...

December 2019 - Dresden, Germany

The PROMETHEUS Consortium met this Wednesday and Thursday, at Fraunhofer IWS facilities in Dresden for the 12th Month Meeting. In a near future our end-users, CRF, JJVC, Arçelik and Maier, will have the chance to start seeing their products textured!

January 2019 - Oeiras, Portugal

The partners of the #Prometheus project gathered this week at #EWF for the kickoff meeting. This #Horizon2020 project will deliver the next generation in high power ultra-short pulse laser surface processing.