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PROMETHEUS Project reaches its mid-term

LLast September 16th all partners from the PROMETHEUS consortium met (virtually) with the European Commission (EC) representatives, composed by the Project Officer and two external experts who had the opportunity to review the progresses and work develop during the first period of the project.

The feedback received by the panel from the EC was very positive and encouraging for the second half of the project. Despite the technical challenges that the consortium is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PROMETHEUS’ partners are keen and highly motivated to keep up with the work and bring the final PROMETHEUS System to life.

The results from the first half set the pace and the stakes are high as the project reaches its second phase – integration of the full PROMETHEUS System. The complexity of the system that the project aims to achieve will only be possible through the engagement of leading organizations across Europe and beyond that bring onboard their know-how/expertise and work together for its success. Also, the EC commitment in having a more modern and technological European industry to benefit the European Community enables consortium like PROMETHEUS to come together and strive to bring the best and advanced technologies to the market.

The next period will be full of new results and achievements!
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PROMETHEUS, mainstreaming surface texturing!