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The PROMTHEUS consortium gathers (online) for the Month 24 Meeting

TThe PROMTHEUS Consortium gathered last, Tuesday 15th December to discuss the last developments and the future work for the next period.

Once again, similar to the last meeting, this was held on-line, assuring the safety of the participants.

Despite the limitations and barriers inherent to the world situation, partners are being very positive and focused in complying with the initial plan and as a whole, the project is moving forward in the right direction. Technical challenges of such demanding project are bringing the best of the PROMETHEUS’ partners are working together to overcome them and reach the expected results.

As the project surpassed the Month 24 mark, the DLIP system, one of the core hardware of the project that manipulates the laser beam in such way that enables the texturing of surfaces, developed by Fraunhofer IWS with Holo-OR lenses have reached the final stage of development and will be ready to be integrated in the final system by PRIMA, within next year. Edgewave and Photonics, continued the technical work in order to achieve an high power laser and associated fibres. AIMEN and IRIS, responsible for developing the quality system for the final machine, based on image and manipulation of light, have taken major steps and proceed with the work. Also, TWI, MTC and AIMEN, the RTOs responsible for the mapping of parameter that will be tested against Arçelic, Johnson&Johnson, CRF and Maier’s cases, have been putting down the work and a more mature knowledge data base is being compiled to achieve, hydrophobic, low friction and self-cleaned surfaces.

Next period will be key for the development of the project, and EWF, as the project coordinator, is keen in making all the due diligence, together with the project partners, to assure that all the risk are identified and addressed in a timely mater so that the obligations towards the European Commission are met.

The PROMETHEUS consortium wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!
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PROMETHEUS, mainstreaming surface texturing!